Soccer school

Every Saturday
09:30AM - 10:30AM,
Gangwarily Recreation Centre,
Activity Hall.
For ages 4-7
   Its fun & FREE.

At Fawley Falcons Soccer School our aim is to inspire and develop the individual through our coaching style.

Our unique training program enable children of all ages to quickly learn to manipulate the ball, build up skills and grow in confidence.

We offer gentle and professional, age appropriate coaching in an environment of positive encouragement.

Our unique, flexible coaching structure is designed to allow all children to get everything they can out of the game.

Whether It's introducing football for the first time to a group of 4-year-olds or explaining a complicated passing drill to the more advanced, our experienced F.A qualified coaches will bring the game to life.

So whether your child is the next Messi or just wants somewhere to run  around and have fun, Fawley Falcons Soccer School will help them give them a love of football that will stay with them into adulthood.

Our mission is to give the game back to the children and put the fun back into football!!

For more information contact:
Paul Dyer

Child Welfare

The CWO (CHILD WELFARE OFFICER) is responsible for coordinating and delivering the Child Protection agenda for the Club. The safeguarding children policy, anti-bullying policy and equality policy.

We have responsible recruitment processes in place including the taking up of references and submitting appropriately qualified and checked in line with FA Charter Standard Guidelines which include  a rigorous process of checks and screening of all club managers, trainers and volunteers.

The FA Respect Programme codes of conduct

The CWO ensures that all teams operate within guidelines laid down by charter status and that the welfare and safety of children are paramount and without compromise.

Teresa Harding

Child Welfare Officer